Chinese 110cc Engines, GY6-150cc Engines, CG 200cc Engines, CG250cc CH250cc Engines, 50cc Engines, 70cc Engines, 90cc Engines, 125cc Engines.

NOTE: Due to the much stricter EPA laws that came into effect the last several years, there is a shortage of complete Chinese Engines, or lack of importers with the proper EPA certificates to get these complete China engines through our USA customs people at the sea ports. Estimated EPA certs are running $10k to $15k for each engine group or CC size of engine. We would have to sell a lot of 110cc engines to recover the EPA certificate money paid out to import any engines.

We have found a work around solution to improving the availability of the more popular complete Chinese Engine assemblies or engine groups. Watch for updates here in our complete Chinese engine section. Last updated: 9-24-15

This Chinese Engine section is great for reference also by helping you identify what engine you may have in your Chinese ATV, Chinese Dirt Bike, Chinese Moped Scooter, or Chinese Go Karts. With your engine identified, it becomes easier to locate and search for the repair parts you need.

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